TOYOTETSU Human Resources Philosophy

We consider "human as the most important resource to reach our goals and be successful. For this reason, we aim to keep our human resource strong by raising young executive candidates with high potential to assure success in the future. We expect our management teams to follow policies based on honesty and openness and maintain the long- term trust of the government, customers and all business partners. Being a member of TOYOTETSU family means, being a part of a proud team that produces high quality products at affordable prices and operates with the best production approach in Turkey. Mutual trust, respect, participation and cooperation are essentials of this family. In this family, we encourage innovations and we are open to change and developments. All members of this family will have the chance to shape their careers as the most successful individuals in the production and automotive industry in Turkey The principle of TOYOTETSU Family is, to attract hardworking, talented, creative and successful people, to help them develop themselves under equal conditions and enable them to make a career in this sector by keeping the ways open to reach upper levels, and to build long-term employee-employer relationship. For TOYOTETSU Family every kind of partnership is to be long-term and, puts care and effort to build relationships on healthy and permanent bases.

Expectations from TOYOTETSU Employees

We expect our employees to adopt the principle of patiently apprenticeship before becoming a master, and to be aware that regardless of the level or content of their job they represent our company with their performance and attitudes towards their work. Besides their work, we expect each TOYOTETSU member to think inquiry-based, be creative, produce solutions and get results. As part of an institution that drags others after them and creates their future, each member would be proactive and not obliged to adopt the changes but lead them and only by this way, would be successful in any circumstances. We expect our employees to show the same meticulousness and approach in their attitudes and behaviors towards their colleagues, as in the quality of the products they produce, in the quality of the work they do, in the understanding of efficiency in production.