Co Design and CAE Simulation

Toyotetsu works as Co Designer in order to contribute to the product development process of the customers.

Toyotetsu ensures the improvement of new project parts in terms of cost, lightness and efficiency by creating a project team with its expert technical staff on different subjects and carry on the activities in coordination with its customers thanks to R&D power and innovative design improvements.

Together with its simulations, Toyotetsu R&D is also a solution partner in meeting customer demands quickly in the part design process and evaluating different prototype options in the computer environment.

Starting from the part design process with CAE simulations competencies consisting of preprocess, solving and postprocess steps;

  • • Creating the mesh structure on the part,

  • • Identification of the load, limits and test conditions to which the design will be exposed,

  • • Analysis of the model using mathematical models and,

  • • Toyotetsu has R&D competence in examining the results obtained by showing them with graphics and color maps on the part, innovative and material-energy-process efficiency-oriented studies are carried out with CAE simulations starting from the part design to the production process.