R&D Strategies

Short and Medium Term R&D Strategies

- Smart Factory Applications
- Developing Collaborative Robot Project Working Safely with Human
- Vehicle Mass Reduction Projects (Using New Generation High Strength Steel Materials)
- Use of Bonding Techniques in Welding Processes
- Investigation of Welding Technologies of New Generation High Strength Materials
- Development of Die Designs for Forming High Strength Steel Sheets
- Development of Battery Box for Plug-in Hybrid and Full-Electricity Cars Long Term R&D Strategies

Long Term R&D Strategies

- Generalization of Collaborative Robots Working with Human and Making the Industrial Robots to Collaborate Robots with Additional Equipment
- Ensuring Quality Production and Efficiency by Using Virtual Reality Technologies in Production Systems
- Development Studies for Safety Parts on Vehicle
- New Additive Manufacturing Technologies (3D Laser Printer)
- Vehicle Mass Reduction Projects (Composite Materials)
- Carrying out R&D studies for gaining new overseas customers.