Research & Development Center

TOYOTETSU R & D Center provides customers with Kaizen (Continuous improvement) philosophy about;
New Technology Enhancements,
Hot Press Technologyy
Vehicle Mass Reduction
Investigation of Different Manufacturing Techniques for Press and Welding
Die and Robot Fixture Design
Smart Factory
Battery Box for Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Cars and Product Development.

R&D Center certificate has been given to our company which acts with the vision of continuous improvement by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology at 12.12.2012. Toyotetsu R&D Center provides services for the Automotive Industry with more than 75 technical and experienced staff and puts the TUBITAK-Teydeb projects into practice in cooperation with univercities. Toyotetsu R&D Center publishes articles about its own R&D studies in order to contribute to the literature and applies for patent applications to protect its process and products that are in-house developed Products such as die, robot line and new technology ones which are designed with Catia and Autoform, are produced in both CNC machines and Robot Simulation lines.

TOYOTETSU R&D Success Story