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  The parts that make up TOYOTETSU's product range; Divided into three groups in terms of strength;

  • 780 Mpa and below Mpa materials
  • 980Mpa and 1180 Mpa UHSS materials
  • Hot press parts from 1500 Mpa to 2000 Mpa materials

Divided into two main groups in terms of location in vehicle;

1. Body Parts

  • Pillars ( A, B, C)
  • Rocker (Outer, Inner)
  • Radiator Support Group
  • Door Beam(Front, Rear)
  • Roof Panels
  • Floor Panels
  • Fuel Inlet Box
  • Cowl Top
  • Lower Back Panel

2. Chassis and Assembly Parts

  • Suspension Crossmember (Front, Rear)
  • Suspension Lower Arm
  • Suspension Upper Arm
  • Pedals (Brake, Clutch)
  • Bumper Beam (Front, Rear)

Especially the parts groups mentioned above, many press panels and welded automotive parts has been produced within TOYOTETSU high tonnage presses and robotic welding and assembly lines with the perfect harmony of human and technology. Toyotetsu targets to provide the most advantageous products to customers in terms of price and performance by blending technology and experience in the best way, using both new generation high strength steel materials and hot press materials in the most efficient way with the large machinery.